Haskell eXchange Feedback

I gave a talk about our FutureLearn Haskell course at the Haskell eXchange in London, this afternoon. The Haskell experts in the room had lots of useful feedback for us, which I’ll summarize here.

  1. syntax highlighting is _really_ important. Can we do syntax highlighting in tryHaskell?
  2. should Glasgow students have the opportunity to watch the course videos together, on campus. This would be a kind of ‘Haskell cinema’ which would promote shared learning and peer support.
  3. people who have never programmed before and people who have programmed in imperative languages need _different_ learning strategies.

I met several people at the Haskell eXchange who have signed up for our FutureLearn course – it was great to meet them and talk about their  (mostly positive!) experiences.


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