Course Status Update

This is an excerpt from an email I sent to our academic overlords at Glasgow to report on the status of our Haskell MOOC after the first week.


I’m delighted with the way our course is going. We have over 5000 signups now, and over 1000 people logging in and engaging with the learning materials.

There were a few typos and minor mistakes in the articles and video captions, but as these have come to light, I have been correcting them very quickly. There is a kind of slip-stream effect – the first learners on an activity are able to identify any problems before everyone else gets there – then I fix things up quickly!

Our interactive tutorial exercises have worked fairly well. People seem to have enjoyed doing them so far. Some minor issues with Javascript alerts (which we have removed) and code that fails security checks (which we have now removed).
The load balancing seems ok – we are now running on three Amazon cloud servers and we seem to be coping with demand.

I’ve been very impressed with the immediate sense of community, in the comments. People are ‘owning’ the course, and helping each other out with conceptual and technical problems. This is highly encouraging. Along with three (PhD) mentors, I have been monitoring the comments and adding my own comment if necessary.

We thought a while ago about a second course in ‘Advanced Functional Programming’. Already there is some demand for this from the learners. So we will have to try and put together a proposal for this – and investigate whether the university would fund this…


One thought on “Course Status Update

  1. +1 ‘Advanced Functional Programming’

    I’m into Haskell and Functional Programming for some months – i’m taking the course as a refresher, opportunity to learn and contribute to the community.

    Since i discovered Haskell, i fell in love with functional programming. I’ve read some books like Learn you a Haskell, Real World Haskell e dozens of papers and other content. A course like that would be nice back then!

    I found the course in a visit to Glasgow University website (yea, some dreaming) and i’m happy that the course is being a chance to be in touch. I’m loving everything and all of the mistakes i’ve seen until now were exactly what is said in the article: minor typos.

    Bottom line: keep it up! The community need more contributions like this!

    Thanks and congratulations for the success!


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