last minute panic!

For the past few months, Wim and I have been steadily producing videos, articles and quizzes for our online Haskell course. We have also adapted the excellent tryhaskell platform, to run our interactive exercises.

Our ‘Functional Programming in Haskell‘ course is due to launch on Monday (19 Sep) and we are starting to panic!

  • we are still generating subtitles for our videos. Subtitling is outsourced, but when we get the .txt files back, they require judicious editing. “Haskell programming” turned into “high school programming” in one subtitle file 🙂
  • our tryhaskell interactive REPL is working ok on local machines, but we want to run it on an Amazon load-balanced server. Amazon web services are incredibly fiddly to set up! We struggled with this for a week.
  • our learning platform (FutureLearn) want all content to be hosted on https, so we need an official SSL certificate. This is quite hard to set up too – for a novice like me. I have to buy a domain name, configure DNS and mail forwarding, generate a private key, generate a certificate signing request and then send this to someone reputable to sign it. A big thank you to Mythic Beasts who helped me with all this wizardry.

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