Glasgow TechMeetup

For the past few months, I have been drumming up publicity for our Haskell MOOC. Every time I have given a research seminar, I have started my talk with a ‘commercial break’ to advertise our MOOC. Also, I have done several special seminars dedicated to describing our MOOC. I visited special interest groups like EdLambda and SPLS. Last night, I visited the Glasgow TechMeetup folks, ate lots of pizza and did some publicity about Haskell and our course.

I was surprised to discover that there was only one functional programmer (an Elixir hacker) present. However everyone else was keen to learn more about the functional style, and apply it to mainstream languages (JavaScript , Python, and C#). So – hopefully I persuaded some of them to sign up for our course when it goes live!

The organizers recorded a video of the talk. I’ll post a link when the video is online.


3 thoughts on “Glasgow TechMeetup

  1. hey. was at scotlug where you talked about it. just chatting with a friend who is also interested. is there somewhere we can sign up (can’t find anything on futurelearn yet) – might be useful for other folks too who you’re plugging it too so they remember in september 🙂


    1. hi @fleabite, thanks for your interest. I’ll post a link to the signup page as soon as it goes live. Hopefully in the next few weeks 🙂


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