Video Sprint

For the next few weeks, we are going to do our best to generate lots of video content for our FutureLearn Haskell course. We currently have two big advantages:

  1. the weather in Glasgow is reasonably sunny right now – most unusual!
  2. my friend Kristian (formerly of GUST) is available to help with the filming

Wim and I are complete novices at setting up video, whereas Kristian has lots of experience.

Today I recorded a start-of-week welcome video and an end-of-week wrap-up video for week 2 of our MOOC. We did several takes at different angles. We recorded in the robot room in the foyer of the School of Computing Science. I think this was a nice location. Some stills below … the video is being edited now at Glasgow University Media Production Unit.

Video lecture still
I look like I’m in pain – but I am enjoying this video recording – honest!
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 00.16.19.png
At one point, I forget my lines (script in hand!) We need several takes to get this done properly!

I’ll post an update when we record some more videos. Maybe I should post some out-takes too?


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