New Year’s Resolution

Our Haskell MOOC project is starting to come to life! In this post, I’ll give a short overview of what we have achieved in the past few months. Then I will summarise what we need to do in the immediate future.


We have filmed our flagship video for the FutureLearn site. This is a massively important part of our advertising campaign to get people to sign up for the course. The video is currently being edited by our wonderful media team at Glasgow. We’ll post a snippet on this blog when it’s ready.

Wim and I have divided up the course materials into logical sections. We are each taking responsibility to develop the course materials for particular sections.

Our course materials will be developed in an open way. We are using github repositories, so you can track our development efforts online.

We are most enthusiastic about our interactive Haskell tutorial tool [maybe linked here]. This is based on the tryhaskell site. We have extended its functionality slightly, and changed the interaction scripts to suit our target novice programmer learning experience.

Finally, we have been talking to lots of people about learning Haskell. Helpful individualsĀ have given us lots of great advice – feel free to pass on your advice and insight too!

Next Steps

Now we need to finish off our learning materials for the six week course. The materials consist of video lectures, articles to read, interactive tryhaskell sessions and practical exercises.

We also want to do some direct publicity for our course, to spread the word. We are aiming for 10k sign-ups for the first MOOC run in Sep 2016, but our real success metric will be how many people actually participate throughout the course.

Finally, we need a cool name for our course. #haskellmooc is a bit boring. LearnHaskell? LoveHaskell? DrHaskell? Any better suggestions?


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