Initial Project Meeting

Today, our #haskellmooc team had the first project meeting. Vicki Dale is the project manager. Niall Barr is the learning technology consultant. Wim Vanderbauwhede and I are the academic leads.

We discussed our timeline – aiming to get the course ready for delivery in September 2016. Our first major tasks are:

  1. designing the course structure, fitting this into a FutureLearn template
  2. devising a flagship video to promote our course
  3. identifying software components and apps to use in developing and delivering the course

We agreed that we want to concentrate on development Sep-Dec 2015, which gives us plenty of slack time for tweaking the course early next year.

Vicki also encouraged us to identify risks. We came up with a list that included:

  1. not being able to embed a Haskell interpreter (like tryhaskell) inside the FutureLearn VLE
  2. not being able to do automated unit testing for graded assignments in FutureLearn. Niall said this requires LTI support, which is not yet available in FutureLearn.
  3. Glasgow (local) students might not get sufficient support on the MOOC. However local students receive extra support in a face-to-face lab session each week.
  4. The learning materials might not be appropriate for the audience. We intend to do beta-testing of our materials as we develop them, ideally using this year’s final year undergraduate class as guinea pigs.
  5. The number of students on the MOOC might be too many to handle. We have support for teaching assistants to monitor the online forums, etc. We will have to monitor the load here and add extra support if necessary.

Vicki and Niall have lots of experience, which we will rely on throughout our course development. Vicki suggested the possibility of doing some educational research during the course, which sounds like an attractive byproduct of the MOOC.


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