Planning our MOOC

Ideas Cloud

Wim and I had our first informal meeting to discuss the new #haskellmooc.  There are four main areas we want to get clear in our minds:

  1. technical content – the course syllabus, assessments, etc. The academic side of things, with which we are both fairly familiar
  2. user interface – how do we translate our learning materials into MOOC-friendly format? What works well on the FutureLearn platform. What fails badly? We hope to get advice from our HCI colleagues here at Glasgow.
  3. scalability – how are we going to interact with 10,000 students? We have no idea about this! One suggestion from a university colleague: split the large number of participants into smaller discussion groups, where personal interaction is possible. Host the discussion groups on the platform, and merge them when they get too small (e.g. if participants leave)
  4. self-motivation – how are we going to retain large numbers of learners throughout the course. This is a traditional MOOC problem – not sure whether we can devise a Haskell-specific solution…

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