Money makes the MOOC go round

I had some feedback on my Functional Programming MOOC proposal today:

Your revised bid was met with an initial favourable response at the BOLD project board meeting this morning; however, the board have requested a clearer breakdown of project costs, as well as a definitive total cost for the project.

I must confess that finance isn’t one of my strong points. However I need to fire up Excel and concoct a spreadsheet for my Haskell MOOC proposal right away. Vicki (one of the board members) is wanting to see the figures for tomorrow morning.

In other news, Vicki also told me that the project board very much liked the idea of a Functional Programming in Haskell MOOC. So if I get the numbers right, I could be in with an excellent chance.


One thought on “Money makes the MOOC go round

  1. I did the sums (with some help from the admin staff). The total cost of the Haskell MOOC will be £ 16,493. Sounds like a lot!

    I vividly remember the cover of ‘Asterix and Cleopatra‘ from my boyhood book collection – the authors list the raw materials used in the book’s production, from bottles of ink to barrels of beer. Perhaps I could keep a similar inventory for my MOOC?


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