Now is the time for all good women to program in Haskell

I very much enjoyed Aleks Krotoski’s series of BBC Radio 4 documentaries about computer programming languages last week. The title of the series is Codes that changed the world. For the first four days, each episode covered a single programming language: Fortran, COBOL, Basic and Java. The final programme was different. Entitled The Tower of Babel, Krotoski described how modern software systems are built using a variety of languages. And what did she see as the current pinnacle of programming language technology? Functional programming! And then she interviewed a female Haskell software developer! She explained that Haskell started life as an academic research project but has since been adopted by mainstream developers due to its mathematical elegance and ease of programming.   I was very surprised (and delighted) to hear about Haskell on national UK radio. This shows its increasing prominence, and underlines the strong need for my proposed Haskell MOOC to get underway as soon as possible.


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