First steps

The University of Glasgow is inviting internal applications for development of MOOC courses. As a fairly new lecturer at Glasgow, I’m really exciting about this opportunity to get involved with innovative course design and delivery.

I have started several MOOC courses on Coursera, like Martin Odersky‘s Scala course and the R programming course. Sadly I have never actually completed an online course – like most online learners I begin with a burst of enthusiasm and then real life catches up with me.

I’m hoping things will be different this time round! As a MOOC developer, rather than a user, it will be a totally different perspective with a new set of challenges…

Challenge number 1 is persuading the university to back my MOOC idea. I am writing a proposal document which lots of senior managers and professors will pore over. I want to convince them that my topic (functional programming in Haskell) is a good idea for an online course, and that Glasgow is a great location to deliver this experience.

So, right now I’m sitting in the lobby of a smart hotel in Istanbul. I’ve been attending an academic conference for the past week. I’m waiting to fly home and the MOOC proposal deadline is today! This is the first test of my commitment. Can I marshall my arguments, write a proposal on my laptop, pull together lots of info from the net, pester the helpful support staff at Glasgow over email, and concoct a winning proposal?


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